Marcie Paper in cooperation with Allan McCollum

In 2005 Allan McCollum designed a system to create a unique shape for every person on the planet. Since then he has been producing and constructing the shapes with and through various materials and methods. He has worked with artists and craftspeople to see the Shapes Project  take the form of cookie cutters, rubber stamps, buttons, wooden ornaments, hand-cut silhouettes and more.

Marcie Paper translates her memory based abstract paintings into prints and patterns. These prints and patterns are then used to create one of a kind block-printed textiles, hand-painted tiles, weavings, wall-paintings and public art pieces.

As an extension of Allan McCollum’s Shapes Project, Marcie Paper has designed and hand block-printed twenty-four different patterns and stripes for this collection of 144 Shapes to Cuddle. Each of the cotton and linen shapes is stuffed by hand and features a different combination of prints and stripes.


The Shapes to Cuddle are sized to be held and loved by people of all ages but were made specifically with children in mind.