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"Marcie Paper has created a stunning entryway to our Brooklyn apartment. Everytime I walk through the front door, I am thrilled with what she has done for us!

From the beginning swatches to the completed job, Marcie has been a delight to work with. Always accommodating and never bothered when I would ask for one more idea, and then settle on the first one she showed me!"


“I was incredibly impressed with how committed Marcie was at making sure we found the colors and patterns that we would love and that worked with her process. Her time in this preparation made us feel confident we would love our wall painting before she even started “


“Marcie was the perfect collaborator for someone with very specific taste (me). She shared her vision and was receptive to mine, and when it was time to select colors, she immediately understood what I wanted and helped guide me there. Her work was quick and flawless, and our gorgeous wall draws compliments from everyone who sees it. It’s in the hallway across from our bedroom and it still brings me joy every morning when I wake up, nearly a year later! We chose a neutral palette so even if we change everything else around it, our wall can last forever. We highly recommend Marcie; her work added a special magic to our home.”


Marcie is an absolute pleasure. She’s thoughtful, attentive, and always willing to collaborate. Plus, her designs are truly spectacular — they’ve brought so much life and joy into my home! I’m quite sure that, over the next few years, I’ll end up with Marice Paper originals in every single room. 


Working with Marcie was an absolute dream of mine since we relocated to Saugerties and I discovered we were neighbors. I had envisioned something very beautiful and unexpected for the staircase entrance to my by-appointment vintage studio. It would be the first thing people saw when they entered. When I saw her work, I immediately knew it would be the perfect addition to the space. The pattern we chose even evoked some of the psychedelic prints I loved from mid- century textiles and art, but with a more muted or neutral palette. Simply put, Marcie nailed it. She always does.


I am delighted to say that I have a wall painted by Marcie Paper in my house (in addition to a number of her wonderful framed paintings). She is one of my favorite artists, and I was so grateful to add a mural of hers to my apartment. From a distance, it looks like it could be wallpaper, but when you sit close to it, as I have been doing for the past three years, you see that while there are repeated motifs, each form is unique. I can imagine all sorts of things when my eye wanders over to it, and anyone or anything posed before its blues and greens is flattered by the context. I probably have to live here forever. Thank you again, Marcie.



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