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Hand dyed Linen and Cotton, hand block printed, and hand sewn pillow cover. 

Envelope enclosure.

For use with an 18"x18" insert.

Hand Printed Pillow Cover (medium)

  • All of my pillow covers are hand sewn from 100% natural cotton and linen.


    Due to the nature and beauty of block printing by hand, there are bound to be small variations and jumps in the pattern.


    Each pillow is unique and one of a kind but all of my textiles are designed to complement and work well together. 


    This is a pillow cover only. You must purchse the insert independently.  The sizes are congruent with standard pillow inserts and can be purchased easily from a variety of vendors.  Please feel free to contact me for suggestions.

  • For the sake of longevity, machine or handwash in cold water and line dry.

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